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About us

SG Accounting Services

Счетоводна къща Ес Джи Акаунтинг Сървисис ООД

About us

SG Accounting Services Ltd. is an accounting company in Bulgaria designed to meet the growing need for accounting services in Sofia for micro and small businesses. The company consists of a young and ambitious team with modern perspectives, which strives to improve the services offered and customer service of the company, the main mission is to offer adequate attitude, attention and support, regardless of the size of the business of the clients, as well as to help startups on their way to success. Using our services you will receive full accounting services, representation to all state institutions, tax consultations and assistance in starting your new business. We believe that our success depends on the development of our clients, so we strive to support them in every aspect of our relationships.

Trust us and let us grow together.

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    The only way to guarantee your work is to respond for your actions. We guarantee the work we do and take responsibility for any damage caused by our fault.

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    By offering accounting services in Sofia at reasonable prices, we offer a complete business solution for micro and small businesses, giving you the opportunity to focus on growing of your business.